Club member rows across the Channel

On 30 September 2011 Paula and 3 members from Dover Rowing Club rowed across the Channel in a four. Paula was asked to jump in at short notice as one member of the Dover crew had pulled out last minute.

From left to right: Paula, Harry Stables (coxswain), Tony Burrows, Matt Stables and Carl Wheeler

The sun was out, the sea was flat, it could not have been a better day. If only the past regatta season could have been like this...
The crew was at Dover Rowing Club at 8.00am to get the equipment ready, wax the boat and blades, collect spare parts, lifejackets, tools, first aid kit etc. etc. Then it was a long waiting game until 9.30am, when the pilot boat would set off from Dover Marina, head for Dover Harbour and the crew could get on the water.
There was also a crew from Brighton crossing the Channel that day in a 6 person gig.

The crew setting off from Dover Harbour

The crossing was absolutely stunning: seals bobbing along the boat, sunshine, a sea like a mill pond.

Flat conditions in the Channel

Despite the Channel being one of the busiest shipping passages, the crew had only two close encounters with considerably larger vessels. With the ships going much faster and not inclined to wait, the crew had to row through their wakes. But that was of no bother, as all crew members had experienced worse conditions during the last regatta season.

Close encounter

The crossing took 3 hours 32 minutes and 45 seconds over a course of 41.9km.
The crew would like to thank Jacky, Lizzie, Maria and Reg from Dover Rowing Club who were involved in the crossing, with the organisation, logistics and on the pilot boat.

The course in red