2008 Dover Regatta

First place for the junior four of Matt Sheppard, James Laws, Craig Golding, Tom Latimer and cox Steen Roper

AND first place for the junior pair of Matt Sheppard and Craig Golding

Second place for the veteran four (only half the crew present) of Paul Heskett and Paul Knight with cox Steen Roper and Jamie Knight

2008 Herne Bay Regatta

The junior pairs at the start

It's getting crowded

Hastings taking the lead

A superb win for Matt Sheppard and Craig Golding!

The junior four race, which Hastings would have won. Were it not for a disputed re-row.

2008 South Coast Championships Plymouth

Junior four Championship race: Craig, James, Matt and Tom, with cox Eloise Knight

Finishing 5th

Senior ladies four open race. Hastings battling it out

and finishing 3rd!