Coastal rowing

Rowing on the sea is exciting! Coastal rowing is not just about speed and skill, but also about handling the potentially tricky water and weather conditions: the wind and waves are an extra factor to take into account. It all adds to the fun! The coastal boats the club uses are specially designed for the rougher conditions found on the sea; the boats are broader and heavier, which makes them sit more stable on the water.

If you have rowed before on a river, you will notice that in coastal rowing the boats are rigged the other way round. Stroke side on the coast is bow side on the river, and bow side on the coast is stroke side on the river. This is because of the circulation pattern in coastal rowing races. A coastal race runs over 2000 metres. At the half way point the boats turn around a buoy and race back.

The coastal regatta season runs from May until September. The Sussex and Kent CARA regattas take place in weekends in May through to August. After that the best CARA crews will be put forward to compete in the South Coast Championships in September, where they will go head to head with the best crews from the Hants and Dorset ARA and West of England ARA.
The provisional 2013 regatta calendar can be found here